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      Project Accounting Overview
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    Improve Cash Flow Management

    Cumbersome, redundant accounting processes can strain a company's administrative resources and hinder cash flow.

    In Project Accounting, all project information can be easily leveraged to generate purchase orders and invoices, eliminating the need to enter redundant information in the system

    Project Accounting allows for the production and tracking of purchase orders for subcontractors from the beginning of a project to the present. Exact cash flow information enables a project manager to anticipate upcoming costs and plan accordingly.

    Generating invoices is fast and simple. Project Accounting provides a number of customized options that project managers can tailor to their needs, including the ability to:

  • Bill all or specific portions of a project
  • Produce detailed customer-specific invoice inforamtion
  • Create unique project-related invoice formats using Word,Crystal, and SRSS

  • Project Accounting offers total project control everytime - resulting in optimal profit for your organization

    How to Setup a Project in Project Accounting

    This demonstration walks you through how to setup a Project in Project Accounting. It covers filling in the basic Project information and Project Estimate information for a Project.

    Accelerate information flow with browser-based Xpede.NET

    Project Accounting integrates with Xpede.NET, a browser-based time and expense entry and project-costing application designed to “connect” a remote workforce on a real-time basis.

    With Xpede.NET, it’s easy for geographically dispersed employees and contractors to enter time and expenses via the Internet, or corporate intranet.
    Likewise, project managers can access up-to-the-minute information on project status and profitability anytime, anywhere—whether in the office or on the road. It’s this instant, anywhere, anytime access to thorough, customized project data that gives project managers the power to make informed decisions that impact your company’s bottom line.

    Project Setup Capabilities
  • Multiple project type options: Time & materials, Fixed price and Fixed price plus

  • Four levels of project detail: Master project, Project, Phase & Task

  • Flexible general ledger posting accounts structure

  • Six GAAP compliant profit recognition methods: Non-WIP, Percent of costs, Percent of sales, Percent complete, Project closure and Percent of elapsed time

  • Profit recognition by item

  • Project classes for reporting purposes

  • Project, phase and task start and end dates

  • Optional taxable and non-taxable projects

  • Allows multiple customers per project

  • Project Estimating Capabilities
  • Detailed estimating options for resources, subcontractors and materials

  • Estimation by markup or margin

  • Generates project quotes  Estimate changes

  • Forecast revisions

  • Provides project templates

  • Inventory Integration
  • Inventory item transfers into and out of projects

  • Item shipment from one location to another

  • Tracks inventory serial and lot numbers

  • Additional Costing Functionality and Integrations
  • Asset usage costing

  • General ledger transaction costing

  • Cost transfers between projects

  • Service management suite integration
  • Timesheet Entry Capabilities
  • Remote entry via browser through Xpede.NET

  • Provides template, worksheet timesheet entry with the option to recalculate employee costs

  • User-defined timesheet periods

  • Flexible contract rates based on project, resource, job title, phase, task and/or date

  • Expense Claim Capabilities
  • Remote entry via browser through Xpede.NET

  • Entry of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses

  • Management approval capabilities

  • Generates accounts payable transactions

  • Invoicing Capabilities
  • Invoice processing for multiple projects and partial projects through criteria selection

  • Billing by transaction dates, project progress, percentage, and contract

  • Master project or project billing

  • More than 20 invoice reports

  • Summary or detailed invoices

  • Prints timesheet comments on invoice

  • Project retainage by amount or percentage

  • Applies deposits to invoices

  • Project Inquiry and Reporting Capabilities
  • In-depth, on-line project inquiries down to the transaction level

  • Numerous project reports, including: Project Profit, Profit Recognition, Project Forecast/Estimate, Project Transaction Ledger, Work In Progress, Resource Chargeability, Unbilled Projects, Project Retention, Project Summary and many more

  • International Capabilities
  • Multi-currency estimating and invoicing

  • VAT compliant

  • GST compliant

    Project Accounting Enhancement and Service Plan

    When you are current with with our Enhancement and Service Plan you get the following

  • Get Access to the latest Project Accounting Feature and Service Pack Release

  • Free help when upgrading Project Accounting

  • You get unlimited Support incidents with a 2 hour Response Time

  • Ability to do a Project Accounting customs

  • Access to our Knowledge Base
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